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About Us

Mary J. Brown - The Social Travelista (TM), is the Inland Empire's #1 travel agent!


What better travel agent to assist you with your travel needs than one that shares your passion of enjoying life, sharing new experiences and exploring other cultures! Inspired Vacations can help you with all of your travel needs no matter how big or small.

Experience, Dedication, Personalization


Technology has created opportunities for travelers to book their own travel online. This is great for simple transactions such as flights and hotels. However, as the trip become more complicated or perhaps when it's an unfamiliar place, travelers want to ask questions to a live person.

My job is to take the hassle out of your vacation planning. Why spend hours or longer researching hotels, destinations, and comparing prices? I will work with you to ensure that you receive the vacation you envisioned.

We have experienced agents dedicated to providing you with your dream vacation at a great price!

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