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What a Gem!

If you’re anything like this LA girl, you have no idea where Middleburg, VA is! But I’ll tell you that it’s worth finding out. I learned of the resort on Facebook and decided it would be a great girl’s spa weekend getaway. It certainly did not disappoint. The drive up feels like an entrance to a beautiful, Bel-Air (California) type estate. Everything about the property screams hospitality. As I walked in past the beautiful and elegant living room, then library …I was warmly greeted, checked-in and directed to my room. The room size, décor and layout were great. The bed was comfortable. The fireplace was inviting. The balcony and its view were breathtaking. The deep tub was relaxing. It was late when I checked in so I was happy to find 24 hour room service which was delivered promptly (the warm milk and cookies were a delightful late night treat). Throughout the property you’ll notice that not one detailed was unconsidered during the design. There’s beautiful artwork in the room and throughout the halls. There’s a shop with the most pleasing scents and other goods. One side of the property houses guests and the other side is great for meetings, retreats, conferences, weddings and more. We only had time for the spa and zip lining but if you visit the resort website you’ll be amazed at how many activities are available in addition to weddings and conferences. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the team that helped me. Mark (reservations), Beth (tour), Courtney (concierge), the team that checked me in, spa and zip lining crew as well. Tips: Dulles is closer than Reagan airport. The only pool on site is within the spa which means that if you don’t have an appointment and they’re full, you may not be able to access the pool (but please confirm).

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